Friday, January 18, 2013

MINI Diagnostics: Fault Code and Service Reset Tool

Ever been on a spirited drive in your MINI and had that troublesome "service engine soon" light or "check engine" light take all the fun out of your day? Your MINI Cooper is a precision built machine that constantly monitors operating systems to ensure high level performance. If there is any problem with operation, or time for a maintenance issue to be addressed, it will trigger one of these warning lights. Promini has a compact tool that can properly read and report MINI engine and service codes safely and easily. Having the ability to properly diagnose engine lights from a parking lot, garage, or roadside is a valuable asset that saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

A warning light should never be ignored and can range from anything as simple as a loose gas cap to a serious timing issue. It's never fun to go to a mechanic and pay over a hundred dollar fee to find out a technician only had to replace your radiator cap, or pay for a costly engine repair that could have been prevented by having that engine light checked sooner. Our fault code reader can quickly and easily give you an accurate reading of what your engine light is trying to tell you as it happens. Built specifically for MINI applications, our fault code reader reads and displays all MINI-factory fault codes.

Warning lights also come on to indicate routine maintenance issues such as brake component replacement and oil service. A routine MINI oil service with system reset can run anywhere from $100-$150 at a service shop, but with our service reset tool the same oil service can be performed at home for a fraction of the cost. Don't stare at that glaring service light when you know its already been taken care of. A "must have" for any at-home or independent service mechanic, this service reset tool is an inexpensive way to save time and money.


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