Friday, December 23, 2011

Mini Cooper Countryman "S" Performance Exhaust by Supersprint - information, parts, dyno charts, & video. read more...

Mini Cooper Countryman "S" Performance Exhaust

A few weeks ago I had the chance to check out one of the first Mini Cooper Countryman that arrived here in Tyler Texas. Pretty cool car. It's really kind of a Texas version of a Mini Cooper. I'll stop here before I start talking about Texas Bull horns as a hood ornament.
Adding a performance exhaust is one of the first upgrade a new car owner will do to their Mini Cooper and the Countryman is no exception. Reducing back pressure, allowing the car to breath seems to be the first order of the day.
We just recently received our first shipment of Countryman "S" exhaust systems from Supersprint Italy. Like all Superprint setups you get a choice of performance, and sound. You can essentially go from mild to wild in both performance and sound.

view Performance Dynos below:
View Dyno Video Here

  1. For appearance, sound, and a respectable performance gains you simply install the rear muffler assembly and the 100mm chrome tips. This set up offers a flow through resonated rear muffler that increases exhaust velocity and reduces back pressure, without violating any local sound or emissions ordinances. Installation is simple. The rear muffler will need to be cut at the junction pipe. Then your new Supersprint muffler will slip over and clamp. Parts required are muffler # 022 831 204, and tip kit 022 830 424. This system is emissions and sound legal in all 50 states
  2. For further improvement of flow characteristics and no cutting of your existing system you will need to purchase the front connecting pipe # 022 831 212, and center resonator #022 831 203. as well as the muffler and tip kit mentioned above. This system is emissions and sound legal in all 50 states
  3. For all out performance Supersprint offers a high flow metallic race catalytic converter. This set up will maximize performance, by reducing back pressure to a minimum. This will offer the fastest turbo spool up, by drooping back pressure to Zero P.S.I. For high horsepower modified engines this system is a must. This set up is not street legal for highway application.
Supersprint Countryman "S" Axle-Back Kit Equip your Cooper Countryman S with our Supersprint exhaust kit. Flow through muffler design ensures optimal performance and the 100% stainless steel construction will never rust.

Kit Includes following components: 022 982 104 & 022 982 136.
Part Number: CMSAxleKit
MSRP $2,479.61
SALE Price: $1,750.00
To Order this kit: CALL TOLL FREE (800)648-7278 - view this kit
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Available Countryman System Components:

Down Pipe w/ Metallic Cat

For more info:
MINI Cooper S Countryman Down Pipe w/ Metallic Cat.

Front Connecting Pipe

For more info:
MINI Cooper S Countryman Front Connecting Pipe.

Resonated Connecting Pipe

For more info:
MINI Cooper S Countryman Resonated Connecting Pipe.

Street Muffler

For more info:
MINI Cooper S Countryman Street Muffler.

Chrome Round Exhaust Tips

For more info:
MINI Cooper S Countryman Chrome Round Exhaust Tips.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cooper "S" R53 Power Steering Pump Failure - click to read

Cooper "S" R53 Power Steering Pump Failure
A Mini Cooper "S" R53 was driven into the shop last week. The alternator light was on, and there was a horrible burnt smell and smoke coming from under the hood. Once the smoke cleared, (literally) we checked what was going on. My first thought was alternator seized up and the burning smell was the belt. The belt was moving freely, and the smoke had stopped. However the power steering had stopped working. Evidently what has happened the P/S pump had grounded internally causing the large positive power lead to the pump to begin melting down. Is the power steering pump the cause of the melt down or the result of the melt down? Once we removed the burnt power lead from the P/S pump the alternator light went off and the alternator was able to charge the system. Evidently the alternator was severely over loaded to a point where it was not able to keep up with the demand.
I'll keep you posted on our findings?
here is the photo of the replacement pump and the destroyed pump.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TECH TIP: MINI Cooper "S" Coolant Tank Upgrade - replace that old cracked plastic tank with a new aluminum version. Click here - to view this D.I.Y. upgrade.

TECH TIP: MINI Cooper "S" Coolant Tank Upgrade

Problem: MINI Cooper "S" plastic coolant tank failure:

Polished Aluminum (Silver-Chrome)
Anodized Aluminum (Black)

Vehicles Effected:

  • Mini Cooper "S" R52 (2002 to 2006)
  • Mini Cooper "S" R53 (2002 to 2006)
Solution: Replace the original plastic tank,
OEM Part# 17137529273, with an aluminum replacement tank upgrade!

(polished aluminum BMP Part# 300372, or black anodized aluminum BMP Part# 300373) - Read how to below...

Project Outline:

This project will show you how to properly replace the coolant reservoir/tank. In this procedure we will only remove enough coolant to avoid a spill when replacing the tank. If you are planning a coolant flush or replacement check out this article. The project will require removing the coolant in the old tank. Removing one mounting bolt, 2 factory pinch clamps, replacing the tank, re installing the hoses, re-filling the system and checking for leaks. This project will take about 20-30 minutes depending on your mechanical ability and skill level.

Tools & supplies required:

  1. 10mm socket and ratchet assembly
  2. Conventional plyers
  3. Liquivac fluid extractor (103005), or an old turkey baster.
  4. 10mm wrench
  5. MINI / BMW Blue coolant
    (82 14 1 467 704)
  6. Flat blade screw driver

Project Steps:

Tank removal

  1. Allow your Mini cooper S to cool down to relieve the pressure build up in the cooling system.
  2. Using your Liqui-vac or Turkey baster remove all the water from the original coolant tank.
  3. Release the pinch clamps using the conventional pliers.
  4. Slightly twist the hoses to release their grim on the coolant tank fittings and slide the hoses off the fittings(note if clamps are not easily accessible you may need to proceed to step 5.
  5. Using the 10mm socket assembly remove the 6mm upper mounting bolt, then tilt the tank forward and remove from pin hole locations.

Tank installation:

  1. Set new aluminum coolant tank into position.
  2. Place an old towel on top of the engine heat shield directly below the coolant bottle mount bracket. (this will catch the new mount bolts in (step 3) after you drop them once or twice).
  3. Select the 3 sets of 6x15mm hex bolts and 6mm washers, and install the upper mount bolt first. (finger tight only).
  4. Carefully install the driver side lower bolt first (finger tight only) Be patient, you will drop the bolt, and you're working up-side-down, turn the bolt the other direction..
  5. Carefully install the passenger side lower bolt first (finger tight only) Be patient, you will drop the bolt, and you're working up-side-down, turn the bolt the other direction..
  6. Using your 10MM wrench or socket assembly tighten all three bolts.
  7. Install the lower and upper hoses and install pinch clamps.
  8. Fill system, install cap and allow engine to heat up in order to build pressure and check for leaks.

View Related Products, Manuals & Tools Below:

  1. MINI Cooper Coolant Tank - Polished Aluminum (Silver)
    BMP Part Number 300372
  2. MINI Cooper Coolant Tank - Anodized Aluminum (Black)
    BMP Part Number 300373
  3. MINI Cooper Plastic Coolant Tank w/Cap
    BMP Part Number 300373
  4. MINI Cooper Expansion Tank Cap
    BMP Part Number 300552
  5. MINI Cooper Brass Bleeder Screw
    BMP Part Number 200082
  6. MINI Cooper Blue Coolant/Antifreeze
    BMP Part Number 300800
  7. Liquivac Oil/Fluids Changer
    BMP Part Number 103005
  8. MINI Cooper Coolant Flush/Fill Tool
    BMP Part Number 115186

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SOLD! - Silver 2004 MINI Cooper S - This car is super clean, runs and looks great. Type: 1.6L Gas 4-Cyl, Front Wheel Drive, Transmission: 6 Speed Manual. Many Upgrades, New Tires, A/C & Engine Serviced.

SOLD!! - Silver 2004 MINI Cooper S

For questions please email

PRINT SALE FLYER (PDF) - click here

Standard Equipment Details:

  • Type: 1.6L Gas 4-Cyl
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
  • Mileage: 103750


  • Air Bag-Driver-Front
  • Air Bag-Passenger-Front
  • Air Bag-Side-Body-Front
  • Air Bag-Side-Head-Front
  • Air Bag-Side-Head-Rear
  • Brakes-ABS-4 Wheel
  • Brakes-Type-4 Wheel DISC
  • Engine Immobilizer/Vehicle Anti-Theft System
  • Traction Control

Comfort & Convenience:

  • Air Conditioner - Auto Climate Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Keyless Entry
  • Locks-Power
  • Mirrors-Power Driver
  • Mirrors-Power Passenger
  • Mirrors-Vanity Driver
  • Mirrors-Vanity Driver Illuminated
  • Mirrors-Vanity Passenger
  • Mirrors-Vanity Passenger Illuminated
  • Reading Lamps Front
  • Seat Trim-Leather
  • Seat-Heated Driver
  • Seat-Heated Passenger
  • Seats-Front Bucket
  • Steering Wheel-Adjustable
  • Power Steering
  • Trip Computer
  • Trunk-Release-Remote
  • Windows-Power
  • Audio-AM/FM Stereo
  • Audio-CD Player

Upgrades & Service:

  • Replaced front & rear brake pads & rotors
  • Performed Oil Service
  • Installed new engine & cabin air filters
  • Flushed Coolant
  • A/C service performed
  • Replaced control arm bushings
  • 4 new tires
  • Installed 15% reduction supercharger pulley & belt
  • New high performance plugs
  • New wiper blades
  • Replaced vibration damper
  • Replaced power steering pump cooling fan
For questions please email

Click to View Larger Image

Monday, April 18, 2011

TECH TIP: MINI Cooper Harmonic Balancer Replacement - Watch these Videos: Part 1: Examples of the damage that can occur on several factory harmonic balancers. Part 2: How to remove and install the harmonic balancer on the crankshaft.

MINI Cooper 
OEM Part Number:
11 23 7 525 135

Vehicles Effected:
  • MINI Cooper (2002-2006)
  • MINI Cooper "S" (2002-2006)
  • MINI Convertibles (05-08)
    BMP Design 
    Harmonic Vibration Damper 
    with FluidGel
    Part Number 300635

      < Index | << Previous Tip | Part 1 | Part 2 | Next Tip >> 

      Getting Started:
      First you will have to remove the fender well housing on the car to get access to the crank pulley area at the motor. This will allow you to pull off and replace the harmonic balancer while it is on the car. This tech tip shows how it will not be neccesarry to pull out motor in order to pull off the pulley. Second, you will need to remove the damaged factory balancer pulley, and then install the BMP Design harmonic vibration damper with FluidGel as an aftermarket replacement to the factory part. Let's take a closer look below.
      MINI Cooper and Cooper "S" Vibration Damper Pulleys: A Closer Look
      At the work table we see the entire rubber damper has completely torn off along with the pulley on this early Cooper "S" balancer (top). The Mini Cooper Balancer Pulley (bottom) has a rubber damper layer pressed together inside the pulley. The rubber has broken away and the pulley has started to move back on the hub scraping the engine resulting in damage to both.
      Later Model MINI Cooper "S" Balancer Pulley Damage:
      On this later model balancer the damper rubber core has failed and the entire pulley has separated from the core allowing the crank shaft to spin, but the actual pulley, belt, supercharger, and water pump would not turn. On all of the pulleys there are (3) 6mm holes to attach the puller, but first the 75mm long crank bolt must be removed using a 1/2" ratchet with a 12mm socket.

      Tools You Will Need:
      First you will need a three point puller. We have specially designed one for this job. One extension (spacer) rod to place inside the crankshaft hole. A standard 1/2 inch drive breaker bar for leverage & one 3/8 inch drive ratchet with a 12mm socket. In the video we show how to remove and install the balancer pulley on a demo engine, while this project is designed to be performed on an engine still in the vehicle from underneath the passenger fender well once removed.
      Closer Look: Installing the 3 point puller.
      After the spacer is placed into the center hole of the crankshaft, you will install the three point puller by "Hand Tightening" the three 6mm bolts until they are seated all the way down. The puller has a threaded extra long center bolt and spacer to pull off the balancer pulley pressed on to the crankshaft.
      How to pull off the damaged balancer pulley:
      Place the 1/2 inch breaker bar into the square hole of the puller, and the 3/8 inch ratched with 12mm socket on the extra long center bolt with spacer. Pull OFF the damaged balancer by rotating the center bolt clockwise and holding the breaker bar to keep the balancer pulley from turning.
      How to install the New BMP balancer pulley:
      To install the new balancer, first you will need to center it up on the crankshaft, and install an extra long 12mm bolt with a spacer. After the balancer pulley gets closer to the end you will need to switch to the factory bolt and torque it to factory specifications to finish the installation. The pulley must be held tight and not allowed to turn while rotating the wrench/ratchet clockwise at this time. You will feel the balancer pulley seat at the bottom of the crakshaft and the installation will be completed.

      View Related Products, Select & Enter your MINI Year & Model for pricing & availability.:

      BMP Design Harmonic Vibration Damper with FluidGel
      for ALL MINI Cooper models (2002-2006) and
      all MINI Cooper Convertibles (2005-2008)
      BMP Part Number 300365

      Factory Mini Cooper Belt Tensioner
      BMP Part Number 300549
      OEM Part Number 11281482199

      Mini Cooper "S" Belt Tensioner
      BMP Part Number 300551
      OEM Part Number 11287509476

      MINI Cooper Tensioner Tool
      BMP Part Number 160149

      MINI Cooper "S" Belt Tensioner Tool
      BMP Part Number 160148

      Standard Mini Cooper Serpentine Belt
      BMP Part Number 300503
      OEM Part Number 11287518250

      Mini Cooper "S" Serpentine Belt
      BMP Part Number 300506

      Friday, March 25, 2011

      TECH TIP: How to change the Cabin Air Conditioning on a MINI Cooper. - Replacing the cabin air filter in your MINI is a very quick but neccessary thing to do each year. - Watch the Video!


      OEM Part: 64 31 1 496 710 - Electrostatic Cabin Air Filter
      OEM Part: 64 31 1 496 711 - Carbon Cabin Air Filter
      You may not be aware that the passenger compartment of your MINI has an air filtration system and a replaceable electrostatic filter element similar to your home air conditioning system. As you operate the A/C or blower control, the system filters out the dust and odors from your MINI's interior. Changing the filter element on an annual basis is a must. 


       How to change the Cabin Air Filter: Changing the cabin air filter in your MINI is a very quick but neccessary thing to do each year. Simply start by removing the cabin air filter cover from the underside of your glovebox.

      Pull the factory cabin air filter out making note of which way the filter was positioned. Slide in a new Electrostatic Cabin Air Filter or Carbon Cabin Air Filter and reinstall the cover.

      Watch the video above of a detailed explanation on "How to change your cabin air conditioning filter",  or click on the OEM Part numbers above for more information and pricing.

      Don't see the tips you need? Feel free to contact us and suggest a MINI Cooper repair tech tip, or repair job!

      Good luck to you,

      Tuesday, March 1, 2011

      Mini Cooper Repair Tip: Interior Air Filter Replacement

      Have you changed your cabin air filter?

      Most people realize that changing your engine's air filter once a year will allow your engine to breathe better! Most people don't realize that changing or up grading your cabin's air filter will allow YOU to breathe better!

      When is the last time you changed your Cabin Filter?

      Spring is just rounding the corner and the entire winter you have been operating your vehicle with windows closed. If you live in one of the hotter and more humid states you most likely operate your vehicle with windows closed and A/C on most of the year. Doing so will trap stale air and airborne germs, bacteria, and dust particles. If you are a smoker the situation is worst since these odors penetrate the headliner, carpeting, and upholstery. One of the biggest culprits for introducing contaminants is the shoes from the drivers and

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