Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MINI Cooper S: Battery Box Water Leak - the presence of water in the back hatch storage compartment of several R50 and R53 MINI Coopers.

Battery Compartment half filled with water

Even a small crack can cause the seal
to fail and water to enter the hatch.
Something we have seen in our shop more and more frequently as these cars get older and take some abuse, is the presence of water in the back hatch storage compartment of several R50 and R53 MINI Coopers.  This problem is directly attributed to the seal around the hatch door handle wearing out and allowing rain and other water in.  Sometimes the leak can come from the plastic handle itself cracking from repeated pulling or from using it to support the weight of the hatch itself.


Rust and mud spreading from the screw holes

This can be a costly repair if left unchecked.  Not only have we seen rust damage in these areas that can rot the sheet metal, but in the Cooper S the battery and several electronics attached to the battery can be destroyed.  Repair of the cables, sensors, and fuses connected to the battery are a minimum of several hundred dollars in parts alone and will require several labor hours of wire routing.

Battery Compartment half filled with water

This handle is held on by 4 screws and is easy to replace on your own.  If your handle is not cracked and in good shape, you can just replace the gasket.  If the handle is cracked, you can replace the entire handle, with a new gasket included, safely and easily.  If you ever wanted to upgrade the look of the rear of your MINI, this is also a great opportunity to upgrade to a black or chrome handle that will not require any color match painting.

Installation and removal only involves these four screws


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  4. What do you call the orange box that holds a 32v 200a fuse. What's it's specific name?

  5. does any one know ? I need one!