Friday, February 22, 2013

Tech Tip: Fuel System Cleaner

The Problem: Since 2006, there has been a significant increase in various driveability issues due to excessive carbon deposits in engine combustion chambers on intake valves and fuel injectors. These problems are especially apparent on any performance vehicle including all BMW or MINI vehicles in the North American market with a greater level of poor gasoline quality. The solution by BMW North America is regular use of Fuel System Cleaner Plus with Techron fuel system cleaner.  This product not only cleans restrictive deposits from the fuel system but also protects the fuel gauge from future malfunction by coating all metal surfaces of the system.

Combustion chamber deposit formation is a by-product of the gasoline burning process. This is especially problematic in any vehicle that is driven under severe conditions such as stop-and-go traffic, high ambient temperatures, higher altitudes, and short "start and stop" distance driving. Most common problems experienced include:

  • Hesitation during acceleration or loss of power
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Poor driveability and rough idle
  • Knocking, pinging, and engine idle surges
  • Increased emissions

The Solution: Often times running gas that causes these problems cannot be avoided, but cleaning your fuel system is as easy as adding one bottle of Fuel System Cleaner Plus with  Techron before filling up about every 3000-5000 miles.  One bottle treats up to 20 gallons of fuel and is proven to clean deposits on fuel injectors, ports, and intake valves while causing absolutely no harm to catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, or any mechanical components of the engine or fuel delivery system. While it is true that this additive is not as effective in a turbo charged vehicle with direct injection since it doesn't help clean the intake valves, it still removes deposits from the fuel injectors that restrict normal performance.

PROMINI - Part Number 65740

BMW Part # 82 14 0 413 341


  1. There is no magical elixir that is designed to make your engine magically become more efficient and powerful. About the only time these additives may work is if you are not using the right octane rating fuel as your vehicle requires and you increase it to what it is supposed to be using an additive.Checkout some car fuel additives in the range Rs 500 - Rs 1000.

  2. To inspect your fuel system, drive your vehicle to see how it performs. Your vehicle should drive smoothly, accelerate with ease, and go up and down through the speed limits easily. The mileage on your vehicle and the condition of the engine will also have an influence on how the vehicle drives.
    If you have a clear fuel filter, inspect the color of the fuel. If the fuel is dark, the fuel system needs to be flushed.