Friday, December 21, 2012

MINI Cooper Strut and Shock Installation Socket

Over time, the ride and handling of your vehicle degrades from normal wear and tear on your struts and shocks. Our local service shop regularly replaces several struts and rear shocks on R50, R52, R53 MINI Coopers from this type of wear. Routine replacement of these parts is the only way to keep your MINI at its original performance level, and is an excellent way to upgrade your suspension if you are looking for a sportier feel. MINI struts and shocks are simple to replace, but require a proper torque and tightening procedure for the lock nut to avoid damaging or breaking the delicate mounting stud.

Past practice has typically been to use a high speed impact gun to lock down shock center nuts, unfortunately spinning the internal shock components or applying an uneven weight could cause damage to the piston inside the shock.  Improper tightening of the lock nut may also result in breaking of the fragile upper shock center stud. Neither of these conditions would be covered by any manufacturers warranty.

Promini is proud to announce a new tool that makes strut and shock replacement easy and safe with no additional special tools required.  Any 1/2" drive socket wrench and appropriate allen wrench will work with our new Strut Removal Socket.  The factory upper front strut nut is typically 21mm, while most replacement struts or performance struts use a 22mm nut size.  We recommend the 2 piece kit for proper removal and installation of any replacement shock or strut on your model MINI.

We recommend replacing strut tower mounts at the time of strut replacement as they wear out with the struts.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MINI Cooper Parts Catalog for your Smartphone, iPad, Android Phone or Nook! (read it here)

Announcing PROMINI's New Holiday Winter MINI COOPER PARTS 2012 Catalog for your Smartphone or iPad, Android phone, Nook or other Mobile device!

Now you can shop for parts the old fashioned way by flipping through our MINI Cooper parts catalog with any modern modile media device!! We have updated our catalog with several new items like:
  • Hats & Accessories
  • Car Care Products
  • Power Performance Products
  • Cooling System Parts
  • Exhaust Systems, Tools & More...
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View Fog Light Kit Here
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Install fog light kit on your MINI Cooper - PIAA 5340 with installation guide

2002-2008 MINI Cooper 540 Driving / Fog Lamp Kit by PIAA

PROMINI offers this big, bold design in a small package. Ultra thin housing allows for easy installation.

Designed specifically for small cars such as the MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, and MINI Clubman, these unique black mesh-style lens cover offers additional protection while enhancing your vehicle's appearance. 

  • H3, 55watt = 110watt XTRA Xtreme White driving
  • Black stamped steel housing and glass lens. SAE compliant.
  • Two 540 Xtreme White driving lamps,
  • two custom mounting brackets

The lighting patter enhances your view while driving during adverse road conditions at night such as rain, sleet, fog, and snow.

Projected light output for PIAA MINI Cooper Driving Light Kit (right)

Products > MINI Accessories & Performance > MINI Exterior Trim

Mini Cooper Auxiliary Lamp Kit
This kit is made by PIAA and is a must-have upgrade for your Mini Cooper. These lamps light up the road and give your Cooper that aggressive, rally look! Kit comes with all necessary mounting hardware and requires no drilling to install! 
Comes with Two 540 Xtreme White Driving lights, 2 mounting brackets, two mesh style covers, wiring harness, relay, switch, and mounting hardware.
Bulbs used: 12V - H3 55watt (110watt Xtreme White)

Part Number: 300534
Manufacturer Number: 5430

Friday, November 9, 2012

Product Review: (2007-2011) MINI Cooper Service Manual

Bentley Service manual for 2007-2011 MINI cooper
Bentley MINI Cooper/Cooper S Service Manual

If you own one of these fabulous cars then you know how fun it is to drive. And, you probably know that your MINI is packed with some of BMW's latest automotive technology. But if you want to maintain and repair your car yourself (or just want to understand what's going on under the bonnet), you'll be wanting the MINI Cooper, Cooper S, and Clubman 2007-2011 Service Manual by Bentley Publishers. 

 View in our catalog at

This is the only comprehensive, single source of service information and specifications available for MINI models from 2007-2011. The aim throughout this MINI repair manual has been simplicity, clarity and completeness, achieved through practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you're a professional technician or a do-it-yourself MINI owner, this manual will help you understand, care for and repair your car. 

By owning this manual on your shelf you will be able to make repairs to your car as soon as you detect a problem. No more searching internet pages for information when you can get factory data, charts, instructions, electrical info & more all in one place.

Here is a glimpse of what's inside! 
  • General Maintenance & Data
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Removal & Installation
  • Camshaft Timing
  • Batery, Starter, & Altenator
  • Cooling System
  • Ignition System Repair
  • Transmission
  • Suspension,Steering & Brakes
  • Body Repair
  • Body Equipment
  • Electrical Systems
  • Seatbelts, Airbags & Accessories
Bentley Publishers' new MINI service and repair manual is based on factory information, but is heavily supplemented by hands-on experience and illustrations. The service manual editorial team has disassembled and photographed several MINI models for this project in the Bentley Service Information Research Center. 

Select your Car and view this MINI Cooper Service Manual in our catalog .

WATCH OUR MINI COOPER TECH VIDEOS - we have several videos to help you save time and money on repairs to your MINI.

 Other books and manuals from

Products > MINI Accessories & Performance > MINI Books & Service Manuals

MINI Books & Service Manuals

Bentley MINI Cooper/Cooper S Service Manual
Part Number: 168557    

If you want to maintain and repair your car yourself (or just want to understand what's going on under the bonnet), you'll be wanting the MINI Cooper, Cooper S, and Clubman 2007-2011 Service Manual by Bentley Publishers. (more info)
Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary
Part Number: 164135    

Easy-to-use resource that will help you make sense of automotive terminology. (more info)
New MINI Book
Part Number: 150363    

In this fact-packed, lavishly-illustrated book, Robson analyzes the spectacularly successful Mini-heritage. (more info)
The New MINI Performance Handbook
Part Number: 150364    

Since its introduction to the U.S. market in 2002, the MINI Cooper and Cooper S have been among the hottest-selling subcompact hatchbacks on the market. Popular in road rally and autocross, as well as on the street, the new MINI has developed an intense following among driving and automotive design enthusiasts. (more info)
Products > MINI Accessories & Performance > MINI Books & Service Manuals

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mini Cooper S: Rattle Noise from Engine

Mini Technical Service Bulletin SI M 11 02 07 
Update: 2/20/13 - View this TechTip: Mini Cooper s R56 Engine Rattle Noise

Vehicles affected: Mini Cooper "S" R55, R56 all models with the N14 engine produced between 2006 to May 4th 2009.

Symptom: Early symptoms of chain tensioner failure on the R56, R55 is a slight rattling sound from the passenger side of the engine valve cover, even with engine running but not driven.  The rattle sound will increase with speed, but go away when the engine reaches approximately 1800 R.P.M.  The sound will return when the engine returns to lower R.P.M.s during deceleration or idle.  In early stages this sound may be more pronounced at colder temperatures, but in more severe cases the sound and vibration will be heard at all temperatures.

Common Mini Cooper R56 engine failure: This failure is the result of a weak or collapsed timing chain tensioner. If driven for an extended period of time the results will be a broken plastic tensioner rail or upper guide rail.  The noise you are hearing is the loose timing chain resulting from a collapsed timing chain tensioner. 

Update 2/20/2013
 View this new video overview of this Tech Tip or, view the full  
The slapping action of the timing chain will eventually break the tension rails. This condition will also effect cam timing and risk an eventual chain failure. The chain will also need to be replaced at the time of repair in case of stretching or elongation. We do not recommend driving a vehicle in this condition other than at low R.P.M. to a nearby repair shop.

Chain tensioner replacement: The factory Mini service bulletin requires replacing the original tensioner with a new modified version which is 5mm shorter and has a more aggressive tension spring. This is item number 11 31 7 598 956


R56, R55 timing chain and guide rail replacement: The N14 engine is designed to allow replacement of the chain rail, tensioner, and chain assembly without engine removal or major engine disassembly. To do the project you will need to lift the vehicle, remove the valve cover, right engine mount, right front wheel, and crank shaft vibration damper. A special cam timing tool kit is required to lock the cams and crankshaft in a fixed position to allow for replacement of the chain and tensioner assembly.  

To assist in this repair we recommend the Bentley Mini Cooper Service Manual for reference.

R56, R55 Complete Tensioner Chain Kit: Promini offers a complete "R56, R55 Death Rattle" repair kit which includes all the components required to repair your Mini:
- New shorter tensioner
- New timing chain
- New tensioner chain rail
- New guide rail
- New upper support rail
- New valve cover gasket
- New crank shaft sprocket
- 3 New bearing bolts
- 3 New bearing bolt seals

R56, R55, N12, N14 Special Cam Timing Tool Kit:  Promini offers the factory special tools referenced in the official service bulletin required for timing chain replacement for both the Cooper (N12) and Cooper "S" (N14) engines in one full kit:
- Flywheel locating pin (special tool 11 9 340)
- Mechanical chain tensioner (special tool 11 9 340)
- Intake and exhaust cam locks for N12 engine
- Intake and exhaust cam locks for N14 engine

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NEW PRODUCT: Mishimoto all Aluminum Radiator for MINI R52 & R53


Mishimoto all Aluminum Radiator

The Mishimoto MINI Cooper S radiator is designed and engineered as a direct original equipment replacement; no cutting, fabrication or modification will be required for installation. The radiator is constructed with a two row brazed aluminum core and TIG welded polished aluminum end tanks. Replacing the OEM radiator on a MINI Cooper S with an aluminum performance radiator from Mishimoto improves cooling capacity and keeps the engine cool to prevent overheating. Maintaining the proper temperatures in the engine will help extend its life and improve its overall performance.


  • 2002-06 MINI Cooper "S" (R53)
  • 2005-08 MINI Cooper Convertible (R52)
  • 2005-08 MINI Cooper "S" Convertible (R52)
Mishimoto radiators are designed to efficiently reduce the heat from vital areas. Made with 100% brazed aluminum cores for a clean OEM fit, Mishimoto radiators ensure excellence and a lifetime of efficient cooling. Lightweight, they are perfect for any turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous oxide injected engine.

Why select an all aluminum radiator, over the factory plastic/aluminum style?

Since 2001 all MINI radiators have consisted of an aluminum cooling core with plastic end tanks. The tanks and core are joined with an "O" ring seal, and integrated aluminum crimp clamps on the radiator core. These plastic end tanks are the weak link and will typically fail after 3-4 years of heat cycling. In some situations even sooner if the vehicle has been over heated. The rubber "O" ring seal joint also has a tendency to start leaking.
Most MINI Cooper cooling system issues are the result of a failure of one or several of the plastic factory cooling system components. These include the radiators with plastic coolant tanks and plastic expansion tanks. We recommend replacing these plastic parts with aluminum designs for better stability and performance.


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2007-2011 MINI Cooper "s" Water Pump Recall Announced by MINI USA! (updated with new info)

MINI USA  Recalls almost all 2007 to 2011 Cooper "S" and JCW models with R55, R56, R57 and R60 models with supercharged  engines. (read the updated recall information below)

How can I tell if this affects my MINI? - a burning plastic smell, and/or smoke from the front of the vehicle.

The problem has occurred on models that have with the N14 engine with the electric auxiliary water pump.
When the motor is off, the electric auxiliary water pump (controlled electronically by an engine control unit) conducts heat away from the turbocharger, and this is where the pump’s electronic circuit board malfunction can occur. There is a small chance that the circuit board can fail after the water pump fails leading to smoldering of the water pump and engine compartment fire.

MINI Cooper S models affected:

2007-11 / Cooper S (Dec 2006 – Oct 2010)
2008-11 / Cooper S Clubman (Dec 2007 – Oct 2010)
2009-11 / Cooper S Convertible (Dec 2008 – Oct 2010)
2009-11 / John Cooper Works (JCW) (Jun 2008 – Oct 2010)
2009-11 / John Cooper Works (JCW) Clubman (Jun 2008 – Oct 2010)
2009-11 / John Cooper Works (JCW) Convertible (Apr 2009 – Oct 2010)
2011 / Cooper S Countryman (Nov 2010 – Jan 2011)

What to do next?
Continue to drive your mini, but MINI advises keeping your vehicle outdoors until repairs have been done.
Owners affected cars will get a recall letter asking them to have this service done by their authorized MINI dealer, do so as soon as possible.

Other Information:
  • MINI is fixing all cars in its inventory and will be announcing a formal recall shortly.
  • Any new or pre-owned MINI in dealers inventory will be held until the recall can be completed, but customer cars are not yet being held and the recall repair will not be happening until the service bulletin is released.
  • The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the cars after 12 engine fires had been reported including five that destroyed the cars entirely. 
 We will post any new information regarding this issue as soon as we receive it.