Thursday, September 1, 2011

TECH TIP: MINI Cooper "S" Coolant Tank Upgrade - replace that old cracked plastic tank with a new aluminum version. Click here - to view this D.I.Y. upgrade.

TECH TIP: MINI Cooper "S" Coolant Tank Upgrade

Problem: MINI Cooper "S" plastic coolant tank failure:

Polished Aluminum (Silver-Chrome)
Anodized Aluminum (Black)

Vehicles Effected:

  • Mini Cooper "S" R52 (2002 to 2006)
  • Mini Cooper "S" R53 (2002 to 2006)
Solution: Replace the original plastic tank,
OEM Part# 17137529273, with an aluminum replacement tank upgrade!

(polished aluminum BMP Part# 300372, or black anodized aluminum BMP Part# 300373) - Read how to below...

Project Outline:

This project will show you how to properly replace the coolant reservoir/tank. In this procedure we will only remove enough coolant to avoid a spill when replacing the tank. If you are planning a coolant flush or replacement check out this article. The project will require removing the coolant in the old tank. Removing one mounting bolt, 2 factory pinch clamps, replacing the tank, re installing the hoses, re-filling the system and checking for leaks. This project will take about 20-30 minutes depending on your mechanical ability and skill level.

Tools & supplies required:

  1. 10mm socket and ratchet assembly
  2. Conventional plyers
  3. Liquivac fluid extractor (103005), or an old turkey baster.
  4. 10mm wrench
  5. MINI / BMW Blue coolant
    (82 14 1 467 704)
  6. Flat blade screw driver

Project Steps:

Tank removal

  1. Allow your Mini cooper S to cool down to relieve the pressure build up in the cooling system.
  2. Using your Liqui-vac or Turkey baster remove all the water from the original coolant tank.
  3. Release the pinch clamps using the conventional pliers.
  4. Slightly twist the hoses to release their grim on the coolant tank fittings and slide the hoses off the fittings(note if clamps are not easily accessible you may need to proceed to step 5.
  5. Using the 10mm socket assembly remove the 6mm upper mounting bolt, then tilt the tank forward and remove from pin hole locations.

Tank installation:

  1. Set new aluminum coolant tank into position.
  2. Place an old towel on top of the engine heat shield directly below the coolant bottle mount bracket. (this will catch the new mount bolts in (step 3) after you drop them once or twice).
  3. Select the 3 sets of 6x15mm hex bolts and 6mm washers, and install the upper mount bolt first. (finger tight only).
  4. Carefully install the driver side lower bolt first (finger tight only) Be patient, you will drop the bolt, and you're working up-side-down, turn the bolt the other direction..
  5. Carefully install the passenger side lower bolt first (finger tight only) Be patient, you will drop the bolt, and you're working up-side-down, turn the bolt the other direction..
  6. Using your 10MM wrench or socket assembly tighten all three bolts.
  7. Install the lower and upper hoses and install pinch clamps.
  8. Fill system, install cap and allow engine to heat up in order to build pressure and check for leaks.

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