Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Cooper Repair Tip: Window Regulator Problems

OEM Window Regulator Part Numbers:
51 33 7 039 451 - 2002-6/2005 Left
51 33 7 039 452 - 2002-6/2005 Right
51 33 7 162 163 - 6/2005-2006 Left
51 33 7 162 164 - 6/2005-2006 Right

Vehicles Effected:

  • All MINI Cooper,
  • All MINI Cooper S 2002-2006,
Special tool required: Special window spanner wrench - part number 83 30 0 494 251, for removing the 2 large sprocket style lock nuts.
MINI Window Regulator Failure Symptoms:
The Mini Cooper window regulator is a common source for window failure or malfunction. There seems to be very few issue with window switches or the electric motors. Early failure typically will start with a stuck window that requires operating the switch up and down to dislodge the window regulator mechanism. As the problems progress you may experience an audible pop or snap inside the door panel. This sound is caused by a damaged cable wheel that has broken or become out of alignment. This causes the cable to jump track, and eventually break. This may be accompanied by the window shifting off center or becoming loose in the door track. In some cases you can re align the window as a temporary fix to get the window closed. If for any reason you get a loud grinding noise, its best to avoid operating the motor so as not to damage the window motor drive gear assembly.
Emergency window opening and closing:
In most cases the window will fail in the closed or up position. To get the window down. You can try this, it has always worked for me, however use it only as a last resort the get the window down once or twice. Use the palm of your hand to smack the door panel right at the middle of the arched door handle. At the same time someone should be operating the window switch in the down position. WARNING: Don't hurt your hand, or break your door panel, use common sense. NOTE: This is not an official Mini U.S.A. repair recommendation! Remember the stress put on the electric drive motors and plastic gear assembly is not designed to work under this type of stress for very long.
Window gets stuck midway or down:
If this occurs the window will most likely be shifted out of alignment. The reason the window is now stuck is because it's jams in the tracks. On the end that is lowest grab the glass from both sides and try to realign the window to its original position. While someone operates the window switch in the up position. In this situation once the window is up, leave it up and plan for the window regulator replacement.
Regulator replacement:
To do this project we recommend using the Bentley repair book for instructions.
When we get this project again in our work shop we will update information for this a step by step tech tip and post a DIY video.
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