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MINI Cooper Headers by Sound Speed
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The Sound Speed long tube equal length racing headers are designed to maximize horsepower and torque without sacrificing low end performance. Each unit is hand made in Italy, and jig welded for a perfect fit using 304 stainless steel.

Each header incorporates C.N.C. laser cut port matched flanges. Primary tubes are mandrel bent using the latest C.N.C. tube bending equipment. All components are M.I.G. welded for added durability. All O2 and temp sensor sensor bungs are weld into O.E. locations. (2006 MINI Cooper S Pictured)
PART NUMBER : 122 060 701
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MINI Cooper Center Pipe by Sound Speed
- FREE SHIPPING on orders of $1000 & up with coupon code. (see below)

Sound Speed alternative Center pipes replace the metallic race catalytic converters. After the turbo down pipe flange, the diameter down-sizes from 65mm to 60mm. This is still larger than the factory 57mm diameter. This diameter is this size all the way to the tail tips.

Our Center Pipes are mandrel bent for maximum flow and performance, and are manufactured from 100% 304 stainless steel. There are no crushed places in the tubing like the factory exhaust pipe. (2006 MINI Cooper S Pictured)
PART NUMBER : 122 060 710
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MINI Cooper Performance Muffler by Sound Speed
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The Sound Speed rear performance mufflers are a resonated flow through design, rather than the factory baffled chamber design. The internal tubing size creates performance while the wool sound deadening material provides the deep tone that is desired.

We increase the tube diameter from 57mm to 60mm which adds back-reduction. The factory one-piece muffler design has a built in flapper valve on one side to alter the sound at determined RPMs which reduces performance at low RPM. Our rear mufflers increase torque & horse-power at low rpm.

The results are an aggressive sound at all rpm levels. The single round tip (100mm) is a direct bolt on requiring no rear spoiler modifications. The dual round tip (80mm) requires slight rear spoiler alterations that can be accomplished with a Dremel tool and would require no repainting. (2006 MINI Cooper S Pictured)
PART NUMBER : 122 060 921
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Mini Cooper Performance Products

The MINI Performance Handbook

Since its introduction to the U.S. market in 2002, the MINI Cooper and Cooper S have been among the hottest-selling subcompact hatchbacks on the market. Popular in road rally and autocross, as well as on the street, the new MINI has developed an intense following among driving and automotive design enthusiasts.

  • Softbound
  • 8.5 x 11"
  • 144 pages
  • 350 color photos

This book is designed to take the reader through the possibilities for performance upgrades, including step-by-step procedures for common upgrades including shocks and springs, brakes, clutch and flywheel, turbo replacement, supercharger pulley replacement, intake, exhaust, and even installing a limited slip differential. Additionally, example cars are presented that show how many performance modifications come together to make a car that is well-balanced and fun to drive. Whether you are prepping your MINI for the street or for competition, this book covers everything by using real-world examples and detailed instruction with color photography throughout. For more info click here.

Supercharger Pulley

15% Taper Bore Pulley The RPM of the supercharger is what determines the boost created in the MINI Cooper S. Reducing the size of the supercharger pulley, increases the blower RPM which increases the boost. The reduction size on the pulley increases the blower RPM by the same amount. For more info click here

High Flow Air Intake Filter System

This super high flow air filter replaces the large bulky factory assembly. The increased flow capacity offers a crisper throttle response and better top end performance. Note: All Heat shields now come Powder-coated Black, the chrome version in this picture is so that you may easily see the heat shield. For more info click here

PROMINI High Performance Plug Wires

The PROMINI high performance spark plug wires are manufactured by one of Germany's leading O.E. plug wire builders. All connectors are O.E. using a high quality, silicone wrapped wire for added cross fire protection. Each set is a direct fit with cylinder number indicators. For more info click here.