Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Cooper Repair Tip: Coolant System Problems


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On the Mini Cooper "S" the coolant expansion tank is a very common failure. The engine coolant system is under pressure during operation, and if there are any defects in the coolant reservoir it is recommended to replace the tank before a catastrophic failure occurs leading to coolant loss and costly engine damage. An inspection to the engines cooling system is easily diagnosed! (see below)

1. The coolant reservoir tank must be removed from the vehicle to ensure proper inspection for damage.

2. Inspect the seams around the middle of the unit for coolant stains and leaks that develop while the unit is under pressure during operation.

3. Coolant build-up and white deposits form at the corners and sides, and coolant leaks begin to run down the side of the tank. Also, cracks in the plastic are common around the corners & filler neck.

4. The coolant leak is mostly visible from the bottom side and may go unnoticed in the driveway. This is often due to the fact that the system is under operating pressure while driving. Once the vehicle is turned off or left sitting overnight the vehicle is slowly bleeding pressure off and may not present with a leak until there is a catastrophic leak. This is why a visual inspection is critical. Watching for a "low coolant" warning light or finding that you have to add coolant from time to time is an indicator that something is definitely wrong.

5. You may already see the tank has turned a darker color as the plastic begins to deteriorate, but appears to have no leaks from the top view.

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