Thursday, November 1, 2012

NEW PRODUCT: Mishimoto all Aluminum Radiator for MINI R52 & R53


Mishimoto all Aluminum Radiator

The Mishimoto MINI Cooper S radiator is designed and engineered as a direct original equipment replacement; no cutting, fabrication or modification will be required for installation. The radiator is constructed with a two row brazed aluminum core and TIG welded polished aluminum end tanks. Replacing the OEM radiator on a MINI Cooper S with an aluminum performance radiator from Mishimoto improves cooling capacity and keeps the engine cool to prevent overheating. Maintaining the proper temperatures in the engine will help extend its life and improve its overall performance.


  • 2002-06 MINI Cooper "S" (R53)
  • 2005-08 MINI Cooper Convertible (R52)
  • 2005-08 MINI Cooper "S" Convertible (R52)
Mishimoto radiators are designed to efficiently reduce the heat from vital areas. Made with 100% brazed aluminum cores for a clean OEM fit, Mishimoto radiators ensure excellence and a lifetime of efficient cooling. Lightweight, they are perfect for any turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous oxide injected engine.

Why select an all aluminum radiator, over the factory plastic/aluminum style?

Since 2001 all MINI radiators have consisted of an aluminum cooling core with plastic end tanks. The tanks and core are joined with an "O" ring seal, and integrated aluminum crimp clamps on the radiator core. These plastic end tanks are the weak link and will typically fail after 3-4 years of heat cycling. In some situations even sooner if the vehicle has been over heated. The rubber "O" ring seal joint also has a tendency to start leaking.
Most MINI Cooper cooling system issues are the result of a failure of one or several of the plastic factory cooling system components. These include the radiators with plastic coolant tanks and plastic expansion tanks. We recommend replacing these plastic parts with aluminum designs for better stability and performance.


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